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Pizza & Singapore.

Not a combination of words I frequently use to describe a great dining experience. For whatever reason, Singapore struggles to make a good pizza. And, it’s not for a lack of trying. The island nation boasts about fifty pizza establishments. Unfortunately, all below average.

I’m not sure what the problem is. Are regional tastes and preferences THAT much different? Perhaps the bakers haven’t actually tried a top-notch New York pizza, meaning they just don’t know better? Or, maybe they believe they ARE making great pizzas?

I want to know. Would Singaporeans prefer a slice of American pizza or what they’ve already got here?

After nearly two years of asking this question, I thought I’d finally get an answer.


A Domino’s Pizza finally opened in Singapore! Hopefully, they would let me combine those two words into a positive statement.


FAIL #1:

When I called for a pizza delivery they informed me I lived outside their delivery zone. What? How can that be? It’s less than two miles away. Okay, strange. But, I decided to try take-out later.

FAIL #2:

Singapore restaurants hate it when you try to go off-menu and change the prescribed offering. It’s beyond frustrating for me. Especially at places where, as an American, I’m used to mixing and matching to make it just right. It’s just not done that much. Anyway, my favorite pizza is pepperoni, onion, mushroom, green pepper and olive. It’s what I always try to order. But, I don’t always get. Why? It’s not a set, prescribed pizza on the menu.

Luckily, when I visited the website they offered a “Make Your Own” option. Awesome. There must be a catch. Yep. After adding my sauce, cheese and five favorite toppings I realized they added an $18 SGD “surcharge” that made my 9 inch pizza cost $47.80 SGD. That’s $35 USD, people. For a 9 inch thin crust pizza!

Whatever. I settled for the 12 inch “Extravaganza” for $29.80 SGD.

FAIL #3:

Pizza is expensive in Singapore. Almost double what I’m used to paying in the US.

FAIL #4:

Most restaurants here are way too stingy with toppings. And even sauce. I’ve resorted to almost begging for double or triple sauce. But, it doesn’t work. I get a pizza with a super thin coat of sauce and not enough toppings.

I thought Dominos might be different after I saw the “Extravaganza” on the website!

"Extravaganza" pizza I ordered


But, that’s not what I got. Where are the veggie toppings? Sigh.

At least it had more sauce than normal


They must not have localized their advertising materials and are still using the American assets.

FAIL #5:

Beef pepperoni. Sorry, but it’s not pork pepperoni. Not even close. I get it. Some residents don’t eat pork for religious reasons, but others don’t eat beef. At least, make both options available.

FAIL #6:

It’s 2010. We just celebrated Earth Day. But, you’d never know it in Singapore. They use more plastic, styrofoam, and non-recyclable materials than you can imagine. And don’t even get me started on the lack of robust recycling programs. Anyway, Dominos didn’t break the trend.

They put my pizza box in a big, heavy plastic bag. Each napkin in its own plastic bag. Each red-pepper flake in a smaller plastic bag. My can of Coke in another plastic bag. Even my refrigerator magnet was in a separate plastic bag! In total, I walked out with one pizza and nine plastic bags. Nice.

A little pizza with your plastic?

A little pizza with your plastic?

FAIL #7:

The 30 minute delivery guarantee is way cool guys. Not something found in America anymore because of speeding delivery drivers hitting pedestrians and all. But, thanks for giving me a refrigerator magnet to remind me that you won’t deliver to my house.

Easy to remember number. Doesn't matter.

Easy to remember number. Doesn't matter.


The storefront and location is great. Retrofitted into an old colonial style shop-house building. Right next to one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants.

Killiney Road shop-houses

Killiney Road shop-houses

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  1. Singapore pizza broke my heart three times before I swore it off completely.

    On a side note, New York ruined me for pizza forever. After having authentic pepperoni wood-fired awesomeness in the Village, I couldn’t even eat pizza in Kansas…until I got back from Singapore.

    I just will never understand how you can mess up pizza.