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Last week I found myself hoping for an emergency at the Taipei Airport.

Okay, maybe just a ‘false alarm’ kind of emergency. But, either way I wanted the situation to require everyone to evacuate the building. And, quickly.


Because we’d get to use the escape chutes!

I really wanted to peek inside

I really wanted to peek inside

I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Rather plain, white steel boxes strategically placed around the airport. Easy to overlook at first.

And, certainly, if the boxes didn’t have “Escape Chute” written on the side you’d assume they contained some sort of… umm, I don’t know. Something. Whatever would fit well in a white box. Use your imagination.

So, can an escape chute really be in a white box? Really?

Yes, apparently they can.

Look at the instructions if you don’t believe me.

Click photo to enlarge instructions

Click photo to enlarge instructions

One Comment

  1. debbie
    1:02 am on April 13th, 2010

    So cool! I want to try it too!